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purlisse by Jennifer Yen

3 Steps To Summer Skin

3 Steps To Summer Skin

Summer is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! I don’t know about you, but when the sun comes out I think of heat, sunburn and fun times. This makes me want a super lightweight skincare and makeup routine. I want to take advantage of all the free time I have in the sun, meaning I want to keep it simple and be out the door ASAP. These three steps will get your skin summer ready faster than you can say watermelon.

1. Cleanser

Cleansing is a must in every skincare routine. Can’t go without it! Our WATERMELON + CHARCOAL Purifying Cleanser is the perfect cleanser for the summer. Besides the fact that it smells like watermelon, it has the power to really dig deep and cleanse your skin. This is something that you really need in the summertime considering all the sweating that takes place and the (hopefully) layers and layers of sunscreen. All of this adds up, and it’s important to make sure you are starting every morning and ending every night with a clean face.

2. Energizing Boost

All those late nights can take a toll on your skin. Whether you are watching Netflix in bed until 4 in the morning (we’ve all been there), or coming home super late after a night with the friends, your skin needs the proper amount of beauty sleep. Let’s be realistic, we know you won’t go to sleep early every night just because of your skin. So on the nights where you do decide to have a little more fun, use our WATERMELON Energizing Facial Spray in the morning to wake your skin up!

3. Moisturizer

Moisturizer is arguably one of the most important steps in a skincare routine. No matter your skin type, you need to give it the appropriate amount of moisture so that it doesn’t overwork itself by trying to produce it on it’s own. Like I mentioned earlier, lightweight is perfect for summer time and we have the perfect moisturizer. Our WATERMELON Aqua Balm is a water based moisturizer that is aloe vera infused for that instant refreshing feeling when rubbed into the skin. This screams summer in a tube!

BONUS TIP: For daily coverage and protection, use our Perfect Glow BB Cream! This will give your skin a lightweight, dewy glow but also give you the necessary sun protection that you need. Perfect for beach and pool days!

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