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purlisse by Jennifer Yen

5 Simple New Years Resolutions That Will Make a Huge Difference in 2017

Sometimes the smallest positive changes can make the biggest difference. Here are 5 easy and simple resolutions you can improve your well-being in 2017.
Wake up 10 minutes Earlier to Meditate Every Morning

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Starting the morning with a clear headspace is extremely important to your health and mindset. By beginning your day with the right set of mind you're more inclined to make more thoughtful decisions. Take these 10 minutes to find your inner-peace, and carry it with you throughout the day! 
Record all your Ideas by carrying A Small Notebook 

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We have thousands of thoughts every day, make the most of your ideas by recording all of them! Keep a small notebook with you to write down anything you know you want to remember in the future. This helps your memory and overall creative process!
Drink more Water

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This may seem like a no-brainer, but drinking enough water is something many of us neglect on a daily basis. One way to get yourself to drink water is to invest in a sturdy water bottle that's easy to travel with you everywhere. Drinking more water helps improve your skin as well. Having it with you is a constant reminder to hydrate throughout the day.
Read one Inspiring Quote a Day

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Don't underestimate the power of words, sometimes the simplest advice can motivate you to your full potential every day! No matter what you're facing that day, inspiring words can always make it a little easier. You can get quotes by investing in daily motivational calendars or even following Instagram accounts. 
Protect Your Skin with SPF Everyday

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Leaving out a sunscreen or protectant is a common mistake that many of us do on a daily basis. No matter the weather, the sun emits UVA and UVB rays that can cause skin damage, sun spots, and even worse cause a threat of skin cancer. Protect your skin with the BLUE LOTUS Daily Essential Moisturizer with SPF30, especially formulated to prevent giving you the white sun-screen cast.


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