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April showers bring May (BLUE LOTUS) flowers. Spread the beauty with the benefits of BLUE LOTUS

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Do you have dry, dull, rough, red, lackluster or sensitive skin?

The BLUE flower is ancient and has been associated with egypt culture and buddhism, and has many qualities that give it its title for being a power flower in its abilities to harness the skin. In general the flower is antioxidant rich, calming, and can overall boost radiance in the skin while detoxifying. Blue Lotus is a type of water lily that is used as a extract in skin and healthcare. It is extracted from it seeds, petals and stamens. This extract acts as a natural moisturizer to help improve the look and texture of dry, rough or flaky skin and is very universal and is suitable for virtually all skin types. It can also help to balance the skin’s oil content, which may help to combat acne or blemishes by preventing the oil from clogging pores.

Purlisse creator Jennifer Yen was inspired by her grandmother’s Asian beauty secrets, which included the use of BLUE LOTUS in skincare. While Jennifer Yen was an actress she struggled with rosacea, redness and acne. She wanted to include a product like BLUE LOTUS in her brand to help combat these common skincare issues.  

Skin is more likely to become clogged and acne prone in warmer climates and times of the year.  Which makes our BLUE LOTUS line  perfect for your Summer Skincare routine. If your skin is feeling inflamed or irritated, this ingredient calms the skin to get it back to its neutral state.

This extract has a few other amazing properties as well. It contains ginseng which carries anesthetic properties and also can relieve cramps, diabetic complications, and be an awesome painkiller!

purlisse BLUE LOTUS Skincare:
BLUE LOTUS 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk fused with Soy Milk, Whole Oat and White Tea is a gentle, soap & sulfate free cleanser that washes away dirt, impurities & makeup in 1 simple step.  This soothing multi-tasker leaves skin pure and clean without stripping skin of its natural oils. 
A 10 minute facial treatment designed with Blue Lotus Seeds, White Clay, Bamboo, Ginger, White Tea and Mushroom Extract. This miracle multi-tasker instantly brightens, detoxifies, tightens and soothes skin while providing gentle exfoliation. Our power blend improves skin texture and leaves it visibly youthful & glowing.
This natural fiber mask infused with Blue Lotus, Seaweed and restorative Asian botanicals delivers antioxidants and minerals to your skin.  This power blend fights soothes & nourishes while White Mulberry brightens and Anise fruit provides continuous moisture, leaving skin healthy, beautiful and radiant
This natural fiber mask infused with Blue Lotus, White Tea and restorative Asian botanicals delivers antioxidants and minerals to your skin.  This power blend fights free radicals, improves skin texture while White Mulberry brightens and Anise helps firm skin, leaving complexion healthy, beautiful and youthful-looking.
Blue Lotus eye serum enhanced with active ingredients like French marine plants, Matrixyl 3000 and Haloxyl bring 4x the power against aging in this intensive eye serum.  This proven complex work together against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, while hydrating and lifting the delicate eye area.  
Blue Lotus brightening serum enhanced with 9 powerful plant extracts work together to visibly improve uneven skin tone, dullness, discoloration and age spots without harsh ingredients.  This hydroquinone-free formula safely delivers radiance, luminosity and clarity to complexion, while guarding against future damage.  
 Blue Lotus balancing moisturizer with White Tea, Vitamin E and French Marine Plants glides on like a gel and hydrates like a cream. This fast-absorbing, soothing formula instantly delivers intense hydration and prevents fine lines and wrinkles for healthy, dewy and supple skin. 
 Blue Lotus spf30 essential daily moisturizer with White Tea, Soy Proteins and Algae Extracts offers superior full-spectrum sun protection without a white tint.  This lightweight, nourishing formula pampers & protects against premature aging caused by the sun’s rays for healthy, smooth & soft skin.