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purlisse by Jennifer Yen


Self Care - It's Essential!

Congratulations, you made it through the first month of the new year! 

The first few months of the new year are always tough. You need to work extra hard to set the tone for the rest of the year. But remember, work hard play hard. On those days where you are just feeling like you’ve had enough, remember it’s essential to make time for yourself. For the sake of your sanity, find that activity or hobby that makes you feel most at peace, and do it regularly.

Having trouble figuring out what that might be? Keep reading to get some inspo from the Purlisse Team:

Jennifer - CEO & Founder

“My favorite way to destress is to drink tea, do nothing and take a hot bath with salt.”

Wendy - Social Media & Marketing Manager

“When it comes to self-care and relaxing I like to step away from my phone, indulge in the current Netflix series I am watching and lay back with my BLUE LOTUS + WHITE TEA Treatment Sheet Mask on."

Brittany - Graphic Designer

“A face mask is always my favorite way to destress and self care. Especially sheet masks! They are quick and easy to use. I can cook in them, watch my favorite show or bring them with me on the go - I am guilty of putting them on in an Uber or at the airport.”

Denise - Brand Manager

“I love to pour myself a glass of wine, put on the GREEN TEA + VITAMIN C Brightening Sheet Mask and catch up on YouTube or Netflix while disconnecting from my phone.”

Catalina - Executive Assistant

“My favorite way to destress is to do some kind of activity! I love to hike (with or without my parent's golden retrievers-but with is 100% preferred), work with my horse, or start a new project. Like, right now I'm spending a lot of spare time refinishing 2 crazy bright green wood side tables I picked up for cheap for my new apartment. Unless I'm seriously exhausted, in which case a good book is the answer.”

Chanel - Social Media Coordinator

“I enjoy decompressing by taking a hot bath while my favorite album plays in the background. Getting out and applying the COCONUT OIL + PLUMERIA Silky Body Butter to my body is so comforting! I’ll finish off by reading my favorite book or meditating.”

Kimber - Videographer

"My favorite way to destress is to clean. I'm always in a better mood with a clean environment. I also like to play video games while I watch Netflix or listen to a podcast." 

Talya - Photographer 

"My form of self-care is to lay in bed online shopping. I also love to apply the BLUE LOTUS SEED MUD MASK + EXFOLIANT which gives me the feeling that I'm in a spa and is the perfect thing to accompany my retail therapy!"

Ashley - Marketing Coordinator

“When it comes to self care, I love to pamper and treat myself. I take a long warm shower and use the COCONUT OIL + COFFEE Sugar Body Scrub. Once I come out, I love using the COCONUT OIL + HIBISCUS Silky Body Butter followed by putting on my comfiest pajamas and watching Netflix. Sometimes you just need to do nothing!”

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