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Exfoliating For Baby Soft Skin

Exfoliating For Baby Soft Skin

You may not know it, but exfoliating makes a huge difference in your skincare regimen. Depending on your skin type, this is something that you should be incorporating regularly into your skincare routine. So - why is exfoliating your skin so important? There are tons of benefits! The most important one being, it’s a great way to achieve glass like skin. But let’s get more into detail on why it’s so beneficial.

1. Unclogs Your Pores 

When exfoliating your skin, you are getting rid of all the dead skin and skin cells that are not able to be washed away with a regular face cleanser. When exfoliating, you are providing your skin and pores with fresh air so they can breathe.

2. Evens Skin's Surface and Tone

Exfoliating helps to get rid of any texture that is on the skin’s surface. Do this regularly, and you’ll notice your texture start to disappear.

3. Allows Your Other Skin Care Products To Skin In Deeper

As mentioned before, exfoliating your skin gets rid of the dead layer to let your skin breathe. When doing this it allows your skin care to penetrate further into your skin, whereas if you hadn’t exfoliated your skin it would have never been able to seep through to the under layer.

How often do you exfoliate your skin? We recommend starting with once or twice a week to see how your skin reacts to it. Here are some of our favorites for detoxing and exfoliating your complexion.

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