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purlisse by Jennifer Yen


Feng Shui Lucky Charms for Your Saint Patrick's Day!

Feeling lucky this Saint Patrick’s Day? Check out these feng shui lucky charms that may just lead you to the pot of gold and good health!


Lucky Golden Cat statues.

Also known as the maneki neko, this lucky golden cat is extremely popular in Chinese and Japanese cultures for its symbolism of future prosperity. You’ll notice that every statue depicts a cat with its paw raising up in the air, signifying approaching wealth. Cats can also see in the dark, so they are great for warding off evil spirits that can get in the way of one’s success! If you find yourself in possession of this lucky charm, be sure to place it in the southeastern part of your home to manifest wealth or the northeastern part for inner knowledge.


The color red.

I know what you’re thinking… shouldn’t you be wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day? While this may save you from a pinch or two, Chinese cultures believe that red is the luckiest of them all. Representing happiness, success and good fortune, the color red is certainly a symbolic staple when it comes to festivities and major events or celebrations in China. 

Fun fact: Red is the traditional color worn by Chinese brides in order to ward off evil and live a prosperous life.


The number 8.

In China, it is considered that even numbers are more favorable than odd one’s— the luckiest of the bunch being number 8. With pronunciation of “Ba” in Chinese, number 8 sounds similar to the word “Fa,” which means to make a fortune. It also represents wholeness and a constant flow of energy and power. In fact, some people will actually pay more money to have this number on their license plate, telephone number, or even try to score an apartment on the eighth floor!



Before you leave for work, don’t forget to grab an orange for your daily dose of vitamin C— who knows, this may just bring you some good luck! In Chinese cultures, oranges are actually used as decorations around the house and exchanged as gifts, but this isn’t because they’re delicious and a nice aesthetic touch. Oranges actually symbolize happiness, good fortune and a great way to ward off evil spirits. In feng shui, oranges are considered to have abundant yang energy

Time to head to your local grocery store!  


Chinese dragons.

The dragon may be one of the most well-known good luck icons throughout the Chinese culture. While their good fortune holds many origins, the dragon represents success, protection and power. You may see these magical creatures dancing around at major events such as Chinese New Year and other festive celebrations.

Fun fact: According to Chinese myths, there are 9 types of dragons!


Don't forget to wear your green (and red!) and have a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day! 



Purlisse Team 💋

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