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purlisse by Jennifer Yen

How To Take Care of Your Skin While Traveling

With the holidays coming up, there is probably a huge chance that traveling is part of your plans. Even in the midst of crazy plans, we can't forget to take part in our skin routine. Here are some things to think about when traveling and how to best go about it for the sake of your precious skin.
Prep: Within the week prior to your trip, you should incorporate a hydrating and balancing face mask 1-2 times.  Try using the Blue Lotus + Seaweed Mask for the ultimate healthiest complexion.  This will ensure skin clarity for your trip, making you ready for any plans right when you land.  It is also important to keep skin hydrated in preparation for a long flight or drive.  Using an intense moisturizer like the Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer will help prevent skin from drying out, while also protecting you from UVA and UVB rays with SPF 30.

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On the Way: Whether taking a plane, train or automobile, keep your essentials near.  Take the TSA approved Hello Winter Beauty kit with you for perfect on the go skincare. If you prefer an anti-aging route, we have the Ageless & Beautiful Jet Set Starter Kit just for you!  During the middle of long flights, it is important to refresh your skin with another round of moisturizer and prep the skin with SPF before you step off the plane. We love the BLUE LOTUS Balancing Moisturizer to rehydrate the skin after long hours in high altitudes  Sleeping during a flight will also allow the products to sink into the skin.

Our jet set #skincare sets are the perfect travel companion! 💖✈️

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During Your Stay: Staying hydrated is very important so drinking water is a must.  When planning your trip, checking the weather of your destination will also indicate what products to bring.  Taking the BB Tinted Moist Cream will keep your skin hydrated and acts as a "one and done" solution when trying to stay on schedule during the trip.



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