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purlisse by Jennifer Yen

New Year Resolutions and How to Stick to them

New Year Resolutions and How to Stick to them

It's easy to create a list of goals for the year, but the tricky part is actually sticking to them and accomplishing them. Get inspired and motivated early on so that you don't get bored. Plan ahead and be sure to reward yourself later!

How to achieve your New Year Resolution?
1. Ask yourself why you listed this as a New Year Resolution. Having a reason why you are going to work to accomplish this goal is more valuable then making a list of things you do not feel truly passionate about. If you have a reason you want to accomplish.
2. Make an action plan and set deadlines. Plan out either daily, weekly or  monthly how you plan on completing your goal and set deadlines to motivate you.
3. Reward yourself. There is nothing better than rewarding yourself with success! Plan ahead on how you will reward yourself, you will deserve it! Will you give yourself a vacation? Go on a shopping spree? Whatever you choose, make sure it is something you are going to look forward to all year-round.


What are you New Year Resolutions?

Get inspired from team purlisse!

Jennifer Yen, Creator of purlisse
"My NY Resolution is to have an even better year than 2018. My goals are to make sure my daughter is happy and thriving, to be even happier and healthier, to spend more time with family and friends, and to have a breakthrough year for purlisse and YENSA"
Denise Guerrero, Brand Manager
"My new years resolution is to start a new hobby for myself, whether is learn a new design skin, interior design, learn how to cook more... something for myself!"
Wendy Shawki, Marketing Manager
"My NYR is to be more active by going on more walks, jogging and going to the gym"
Tifany Diec, Graphic Designer
"My NYR is to spend more time to play with my kitty and take her on more walks to enrich her life as much as possible!"
Kirsten Reyes, Creative Content Producer
"My NYR is to be more healthy - mind, body and soul."
Danielle Veluz, Content Creation
"My New Years resolution is to spend more time outdoors and connect with nature as much as possible!"
Alexandra Yerges, Project Specialist
"do more classes like restorative yoga a few times a week to live that yen and de stress "
Haley Gaydos, Fulfillment Assistant
"My NYR is to eat at home more rather than going out to eat all the time, and to spend more time with those who mean the most to me (including my cat.)"



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