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purlisse by Jennifer Yen

pur~lisse Prep for Valentine's Day + Tutorial!

Got hot plans this Valentine's Day? Skin prep with Pur~lisse! Here are the products that will get you ready for the night:

Blue Lotus + White Tea Treatment Sheet Mask

15~20 minutes before getting ready, pop on a sheet mask to give some glow back! The serum rids your of any dullness and gives back fresh, plump and hydrated skin. This mask has a serum that's good to the last drop, so be sure to use take what's left in the wrapper and apply on to your neck and chest. This is a ritual that you could easily multitask with. Take this time to relax (dates are always a little nerve-wrecking), catch up on reading, and get some advice from some friends. Once your 15 minutes are up, smooth in the serum and your skin is ready for the next step!

Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer

A good face always starts with a great base, and our Balancing Moisturizer can give you just that. Spread the moisturizer over the face, massaging the product into the skin for the full effect. This step will leave your skin smooth and ready for your BB cream or foundation.

Mango Butter + Shea Butter Lip Nourisher

Lip stains and liquid lipsticks can all take a toll on your lips, prevent them from becoming dry during by applying our Lip Nourisher as a layer of hydration. Begin massaging the product in before applying foundation to give some time for it to settle in. Once you're done with face makeup your lips should be all good and ready! You'll notice a boost in color and a way smoother application.


Watch these products in action along with simple Valentine's Day look tutorial below!


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