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purlisse by Jennifer Yen


Team Purlisse Skin Saviors

Let’s be real, getting back into your normal routine can be hard after a long holiday vacation!

It’s the new year, and you’re feeling refreshed and ready to get back to your normal routine. After a long holiday vacation full of eating and having fun, your skin might need a major reset.

Here are a few quick tips to help your skin start fresh for the new year:

1. Start Over With a Face Mask 

A face mask to pull out all your impurities is just what you need to restore your clear complexion after the holidays! Tip: Using a mask with some exfoliation benefits is a great way to multi-mask. So, whether it's two minutes or fifteen minutes, take the extra step and your skin will thank you!

2. Use a Serum 

If you’re anything like the majority, the holidays may have worn you out. Talk about needing a vacation from a vacation. Try applying a brightening serum to your skin to boost your radiance and wake up your tired skin. New year, new glow!

3. Never Skip the Moisturizer

Moisturizer is always an essential. Whether it's your face, lips, or body you want to keep everything smooth and hydrated. Tip: Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated from the inside out! 

Team Purlisse Skin Saviors: 

Jennifer, CEO & Creator of Purlisse 

“Our Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 is the one thing I never leave my house without. Juggling being a mom and running a business means I need a skincare routine that is effective but one that won’t take too long. This product is perfect if I just need to apply and run out the door!”

Denise, Brand Manager

 “I can always count on the Matcha Green Tea Priming Moisturizer to give my skin the perfect amount of hydration to prep my skin for makeup. I love it because it’s not too thick compared to other moisturizers. It adds just the right amount of moisture.”

Wendy, Marketing Manager 

“The Watermelon Aqua Balm does wonders on my skin! I have oily skin so I don’t need a whole lot of hydration but still enough to keep my skin looking healthy and supple. The Aqua Balm is my go-to because it hydrates my skin without making it feel oily. The water-gel texture actually helps to mattify my skin and gives me an easier application for my makeup. Plus, it smells so refreshing! ”

Chanel, Social Media Coordinator

“The Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant is what I use weekly to give my pores a deep cleanse. I also love using this mask before I apply a full face of makeup because it gives me a really smooth canvas.”

Brittany, Graphic Designer

“I use the Blue Lotus 4~in~1 Cleansing Milk every morning and night before bed. It cleanses my skin of dirt, oil, and makeup without stripping my skin and leaving it feeling dry. It doesn’t have a strong scent, which I love, and the formula feels rich and luxurious!”

Ashley, Marketing Coordinator

“I LOVE the Perfect Glow BB Cream. It provides such a fresh, dewy look to the skin while still providing good coverage. This has quickly become the one product I make sure to use every day to give my skin that healthy glow!”

Kimber, Content Creator

“The Watermelon Energizing Makeup Remover Wipes are my favorite compared to any other makeup remover wipes because they are huge in comparison! You only need one wipe to remove a full glam look.”

Catalina, Executive Assistant 

"My favorite product is the Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer. I have super sensitive skin so I love that it is anti-inflammatory which is ideal for my sensitive skin type."

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