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purlisse by Jennifer Yen

Let's Share Beauty Secrets!

Let's Share Beauty Secrets!

When it comes to a good beauty routine, there’s no doubt that we all have a few tricks up our sleeves.

We here at Purlisse don’t like to keep secrets— especially when it involves a great beauty hack! Check out some of our team’s favorite skincare and beauty secrets below. Who knows, you may find one that finds its way into your daily routine.


Jennifer Yen- Founder & CEO
"Every few months, I apply olive and coconut oil to my scalp and hair and sleep with it overnight (I put a towel over pillow). Then I apply apple cider vinegar with a dropper and massage into my scalp for 2 minutes.  then I shampoo and condition my hair.  This process hydrates and clarifies my scalp and keeps my hair healthy." 
Ashley- Social Media & Marketing Manager
“I've learned that less is more! My skin freaks out when I apply too many products, so having a simple skincare routine both morning + night is key for me.”
Kimber- Videographer
" I spray my face with setting spray and go over it with a beauty blender after to melt all of the products together."
Nicole- Social Media Coordinator
“I always use a jade facial roller when I have my sheet mask on.”
Brooke- Community Management
“I always wash my face twice— both in the morning and night. Once using my hands to take off any makeup and oil and the second time using a cotton pad to gently exfoliate and get a deeper cleanse.”
Daisy- Graphic Designer
 “Every other night I have an at-home spa date with myself. I apply my full skin-care routine with my favorite products. It helps me unwind after a busy day and feel refreshed in the morning!”
Catalina- Executive Assistant
“In my family everyone drinks tea, and Rooibos was a childhood staple. I know we've all heard the "drink more water for your skin" lecture at least once, and finding a tea you like is great way to stay hydrated. Rooibos is caffeine free, and contains antioxidants. Plus, I read once that its anti-inflammatory properties can be helpful for people with eczema like me, so what's not to love?”
Fabiana- Graphic Designer
“Having blue eyes, I like to take a teal shimmer eyeshadow crayon and line my lower eyelid. It really makes my eyes pop!”

Since we’re all in the spirit of sharing secrets— tell us yours! Leave a comment with your favorite beauty hack so that we can all glow in this together.

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