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purlisse by Jennifer Yen

Traveling Skin Care Essentials✈️

Traveling Skin Care Essentials✈️

Trying to pack 5 different hefty bottles of moisturizers, toners, and cleansers is never a fun thing to be packing. These bottles take up space and are too large for a carry on, forcing you to ditch the skin care on your tropical destination, making your skin and face the punishments.
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This is why its most beneficial to have mini sized versions of your favorite products! purlisse has travel size versions of  best sellers because we agree that your skin shouldn’t have to take a break from the goodness.  
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Don’t take a skincare vacation while you are on vacation! Bring purlisse travel size skincare products to keep your skin healthy, glowing and fresh while you are surfing in Maui or backpacking in Greece. Whether you’ve been preparing for a major vacation for weeks or are going on a spontaneous weekend trip, everyone needs travel size beauty products.
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When traveling on a plane you are only allowed to bring one quart size ziplock bag of liquids and creams and each individual item cannot be over 3.4 ounces. Don’t take the risk and don’t lug your entire skincare routine on every small trip. Instead travel light with your favorite purlisse skincare products in travel size and carry on friendly options. 
This travel sized version of the Tinted Moist Cream is perfect for airports and warm destinations for when you just need a little something on your skin. The coverage is perfect and weightless, yet still hides imperfections in your complexion. It has SPF 30 as well!
Traveling can take a toll on your skin, but don’t let that stop you! Being on a plane dehydrates the skin and leaves you needing a good moisturizer the most. The Essential Daily Moisturizer is lightweight but fully packed with soy protein, algae, white tea, and blue lotus extracts for ultimate hydration.
Don’t forget to pack one of these in your carry on! Whether you’re on the plane or sitting back and relaxing in your hotel room, the Blue Lotus & White Tea Mask will give you extreme relaxation as it calms your skin and nourishes it back to life.
Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to cut your skincare routine. This 1oz bottle of the Cleansing Milk will come to the rescue after a long day to remove makeup and impurities while toning and smoothing the skin.
Skin feeling off after a long flight? Recycled air used in airplanes can cause breakouts and dryness. Use the Purlisse mud mask after a long flight to detoxify, soothe and prevents breakouts then use single sheet masks to bring back the life, hydration and nutrients to your skin.


Spring into fresh skin with our NEW body scrub! Perfect for your next vacation. We promise this scrub will reveal youthful, smooth and glowing skin. 


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