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purlisse by Jennifer Yen

Which Pur~lisse-sta are You?

Want to find the perfect pur~lisse products for you? Take our quiz and find out!
Here are the different pur~lisse-stas you can be:
The #PurlissePerfect Student

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You're currently working towards your future in school, and we understand how hard it is balancing your life. Our products are here to simplify your skincare, allowing you to take care of yourself through the hectic schedule that is your life!
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The Busy Mom

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Motherhood is definitely the most challenging yet rewarding roles you could take on. We understand that your priorities will go straight to your kids, especially during hectic mornings. Here are products that are fast and easy enough for your routine!
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The Young Happening Professional

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You know the grind all too well! You're working hard on your career and are constantly on the go.
 With so many things to worry about skin care shouldn't be one of them. These products will help you take care of yourself while you focus on all your priorities.
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The Inspiring Influencer

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You spend a lot of your free time on YouTube and Instagram finding the newest beauty products and their dupes. Whenever you find a holy grail product you love to share it on your own socials! Here are a few products to add to your ever-growing skin care collection!
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The Blue Lotus Flower Child

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You can always be found at the beach, music festivals, and doing yoga. You're simple, fun, and care-free! You are always looking for natural beauty products that also provide all kinds of benefits to your skin. These pur~lisse picks are perfect for your laid-back lifestyle! 
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