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Skincare and Expiration Dates

Skincare and Expiration Dates

Ever wonder if skincare products expire or when they expire? Yes, they do and we are here to help and give you tips on how to find out if your product is bad or going bad.

Do you ever wonder why there are no expiration dates on products? That’s because it depends on when you open the product, not when you purchase it. Every skin care product user should know that there is a time when you need to toss out the old and bring in the 🆕.

Although you might want to save money by not always purchasing new products, it’s better than dealing with breakouts, irritations, infections, and styes. Due to air and water-based ingredients, it is easier for bacteria to grow on these products.

Skincare products to keep in mind for expiration:

  1. Cleansers (1 year): Look out for lumps, clumps, or discoloration in the product. If your cleanser has any of these, throw it out immediately.
  2. Toner (6 months - 1 year): If your toner begins to change in texture (thickness) or odor, this can inflame your skin. It would be the time to change your toner.
  3. Moisturizer (6 months - 1 year): It’s inevitable to protect your moisturizer from bacterial contamination over time. If it’s been over a year, make sure you purchase a new moisturizer to maintain cleanliness. Tip: Use a clean spatula to take moisturizer out of a jar.
  4. Exfoliants (1 year - 2 years): The moment the exfoliant is exposed to oxygen, its ingredients begin to break down. Exfoliants and facial scrubs are harder than other products and will last up to one to two years.
  5. Face Masks (1 - 2 years): Overtime, the chemicals, and ingredients in face mask can break down, which can potentially irritate your skin.
  6. Lip Balms (1 year): Occasionally clean the top of your lip balm that has bacteria growth. This will increase the shelf life of the lip balm.


Think of it as spring cleaning; every time you clean out your closet, also clean out your skincare drawer. Your skin will thank you for it!


Oct 29, 2020

I was wondering if I could look up the rate of production of a lotion I got through ipsy.

Kori Chamberlain

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